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My story

Early on, I felt like my story was written for me.

As a girl my story was:   perfect “tom boy” daughter of a single mom.

As a teen my story was:   perfect dance-team mean girl by day…parent to an emotionally unstable alcoholic mother by night.

As a college student my story was:   My mom died.  And, surprise…perfectionist.

And then, for the first time ever, I thought I was writing my own story (but I wasn’t… at least not entirely).

As a motherless daughter my story was:   Perfectionist social services case worker. Healer of the world.


Are you sensing a theme?


Perfect wife. Perfect friend. Perfect daughter. Perfect sister.

And then I became a mother to my own child.

Motherhood kicked and humbled my perfectionist faker ass.

The woman who appeared to have it all perfectly together, was a sad little girl hiding all kinds of shame.  TERRIFIED to be a mother.

And so began the work of learning who I am, loving who I am, and authoring my life.  FOR REAL.

That’s my story now.

Learning. Loving. Creating. Writing.

Rarely like any of the social conventions and archetypes I exhaustively portrayed when I was younger.

It feels AMAZING.

Angie, being Angie. A perfectly imperfect woman, daughter, friend, mother, and wife. I’m a lover and a fighter. I’m up, and I’m down. I succeed. I fuck up. (I cuss). I hope people see things here and in my writing they only think to themselves and are inspired to be unashamed of who they are.

Join me.

Let’s live life… out loud.







Note:  I’ve been encouraged, as a blogger, to “find my niche, and stay consistent to it.”  I can try, but I’m fairly certain it’s an exercise in futility for me. My personality rejects niches. So, the moment I adopt one, I’d be inspired to break out of it.  I don’t think I can be typed…I don’t think anyone can, and I cannot embrace or promote it.  I don’t know that any man or woman these days is a typical anything.  My life is all over the board.  And so is this blog.  So, if anything, my niche is perhaps something like, “be yourself”…….. or “humanity.”Throwing kid